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staff2019websmlAt Melton Music we provide affordable, high quality music education that stimulates and enhances the learning ability of students. This is achieved through our highly professional staff and refined tuition methods.

Students reach their potential because we are tailoring lessons to the individual. Whether that means the choice of material, or the teaching approach our main focus is for all our students is to be motivated and enjoy learning music.

We believe the material you learn should be music that moves you. It should suit your tastes so that you will be keen to learn and keen to practice. 

The value of learning music does not stop at acquiring a performing arts skill; in addition documented research has highlighted the benefits of learning Music as a means of stimulating the mind and enhancing the learning capabilities of children particularly in math and language. 

We work with students to achieve their dreams and aspirations in the music industry and we start by ensuring they get as much public performance experience as possible, building their confidence.

This is achieved through our various programs and enhancement products:

Melton Showcase 

Music certificate program

Local talent competitions

AMEB and ANZCA music exams 

Annual concert.


What age can I learn at?

We believe that 6 years is about the right age for taking up a musical instrument. We find that younger students tend to have difficulty with the discipline involved and end up resenting the whole experience.
However, there are exceptions to every rule, so if you need to, call us and we can discuss your child’s needs.

You are never too old to learn. All it takes is a regular commitment of time and patience.

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Acoustic Guitar
Bass Guitar



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